Self Service Wash and Dry

Self Service Machine Pricing
  • Standard (30 lb.)
$3.50 per load
  • Triple loader
$5.50 per load
  • High capacity (60 lb.)
$9.50 per load
  • Standard (30 lb.)
25 cents for 6 minutes
  • High capacity
25 cents for 2 minutes

Drop Off, Pick Up, and Dry Cleaning

Laundry Service Pricing When
Drop Off, wash, dry and fold service $1.50/lb. / 10 lb. minimum From mid-May through mid-September.

You can drop off and pick up on Tuesday-Sunday,  Noon-4pm.

Pick Up, wash, dry and fold service $1.50/lb. plus / $10 for pick up in town / $20 for pick up out of town Call to schedule a day and time for us to pickup your laundry from your location between 9am-9pm. /

20 lb. minimum.

Dry Cleaning, drop off, dry cleaning service. Varies per garment You can drop off and pick up on Tuesday-Sunday, Noon-4pm

Laundry Products

Product Pricing
Detergent: Tide 75 cents per box
 Stain remover: Oxi Clean, All 75 cents per box
Fabric softener: Snuggle (liquid & sheets) 75 cents per box
 Bleach: Clorox 75 cents per box
Laundry bags

Draw string 75 cents

Clear plastic 50 cents